The recent rejuvenation of ABR’s structure has been an occasion of relooking its virtual identity.

ABR wanted a fashionable logo, allowing a better identification. It is easier to read and recognize on the

various communication supports from ABR. The logo is monochrome to symbolize the sober aspect and accessibility of the bureau who lays the accent on co-creation. It resumes the main activities of ABR: architecture and urban planning. Thanks to its creator: Frédéric Deroisy. As for the new website, it is responsive (readable on smart phone as well as on a desktop), oriented towards services and contents to be even more informative and better referenced. Its content management system will allow us to make regular updates.

We hope you have pleasure visiting it and revisiting it thanks to the news item and the regular publication of prospective studies concerning architecture and urban planning. Many thanks to Stéphane de Baenst, our freelance marketing manager for his architecture and his content, and to Jérémy André d’Ajmage for the web design.