ABR Mission

ABR is a workgroup for architecture and urban planning whose mission is to create added value for private and public investors on large innovative real estate projects in harmony with their environment.

Workgroup for architecture and urban planning

The ABR workgroup is a place for research and creation. Each project is unique. Our work is achieved as a team. Analyses and the challenging are written in our DNA. The reflexions are focused on the expectations of the project owner, on the economic and regulatory requirements, on the environment and its economic, social, demographic and technological context. At ABR, the advice, the co-creation and the dialogue with the client are at the core of our approach. The project owner is not only a client but is very much part of the process: he is closely associated with the reflexions and the various stages of the project.

Creating added value for private and public investors

The private and public investors are searching for real estate projects with high added value. The integration of the trades of architecture and urban planning allows us to perform an relevant approach for a town, a commune, a neighbourhood, a brownfield, by integrating aspects like the quality of life, the renewable, the construction cost, the equipment, the mobility etc… ABR optimizes the global costs of real estate projects and demonstrates the returns. This approach provides an optimal value to the investor’s projects.

Large innovative real estate projects in harmony with their environment

The accomplishments of ABR cover different domains: residential, mobility, retail, offices, industry, public sector, urban design. These are large innovative projects thanks to the creativity and the multidisciplinary approach of the associates and collaborators of ABR. The goal is to create plural, mutable and intelligent buildings in harmony with their environment who propose new ways of living and working.

ABR Vision

As architects and urban planners, we are involved in a world which changes rapidly. The industrial era gradually makes way for a new era where information, networks and knowledge are the core of the challenges. These changes have a large impact on the habitat, the work environment, the lifestyle. The art of building has to incorporate the mutability. At a time where wastage is no longer allowed, we should conceive building on a long term basis, on eco-construction and on transformation. After the flight from the cities for economic and practical reasons, more and more families are searching for affordable housing and better situated in terms of accessibility to services and networks. To meet this demand, we need to invest in the improvement and the qualification of the actual centers, in the creation of new areas, grouped settlement projects or in the development of brownfield areas. The town centers have been destructured by a succession of decisions privileging the automobile. And this, at the expense of maintaining and developing the living environment where the human being can grow and thrive. The same scenario has repeated itself in almost every city: creation of parking and urban motorways, destruction of public spaces and development of commercial centers in the periphery. These factors have caused the flight of commerce and inhabitants from the city centers. The return to the city implicates a densification. But this does not have to be achieved at any price. We have to put the human being in the center of this approach: imposing the light in all the urban textures, architectural lines and shapes have to be integrated in the landscape and create a positive feeling. The houses have to be more economic and in line with the societal evolution of the households. We try to raise awareness to these evolutions from the private and public actors who call on us. Our responsibility is to be the “force of proposition” each time so that every one of the stakeholders is winning. At ABR, each project is conceived in a unique, innovative and exemplary manner. The heart of the project: the client, his needs, his tastes, his way of life, his budget and his objectives. But also the site concerned by the project, its orientation, its features, its driving lines. The project is elaborated in team, step by step, in successive stages and always in close consultation with the client.

ABR Values

  • Humanism: The human in the center of the approach
  • Co-creation: with the client and the partners
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Integrity and commitment
  • Eco-responsible architecture