Since its creation in 1988, the studies and consultancy are part of the main activities of ABR. ABR has since long understood that the majority of clients want more than just classic architectural services. What is expected from ABR is to be a strategic partner able to respond exactly to the expectations and objectives of the client.

Research of land parcels for investments

The real estate development in our region is undeniably growing year after year. ABR, aware of the difficulties to find new land parcels suitable for development, is permanently on the lookout for opportunities and carries out feasibility studies. The dual role of urban planner and architect makes the studies particularly complete and innovative.

Feasibility studies

The feasibility studies of ABR determine the different possible scenarios in order to create value in a real estate project on a given territory. These studies include an urbanistic, architectural and regulatory analysis of the possibilities of the land parcel, the communication with the relevant administrations and an estimation of the construction costs.

Drafts and preliminary projects

During a preliminary meeting, the program, the expectations and the budget are defined. The available information is collected: plan of the land parcel, elevation, hydrography, neighboring buildings, cadastral plan, orientation, chaining with the environment. At this stage, an organization chart, an implantation and a volumetric study are being made. A drawing in 3 dimensions is produced as well as a virtual scale model and a first budget.

The preliminary project is based on the accurate survey of a geometrician. The future project is taking shape thanks to the complete plans of each level and the facades. Several meetings can be useful to develop the project further in order to respond in the best way to the expectations. The preliminary project is an important stage because it is the model of the buildings as they will be drawn for the application of the urbanistic permit. The exterior envelopes cannot be changes (or very little) afterwards. At this stage, a detailed budget control is performed which will allow a matching with the budget.

Environmental impact studies

The environmental impact studies of ABR aim to evaluate the environmental impact of a real estate project in order to limit or compensate the negative impact. A rational management of the rainwater, the integration of alternative energy production, the improvement of the biodiversity of the sites…, constitute an integral part of the studies. ABR develops labelized housing units « eco quartier » that are certified by the passive housing platform.