Architectural co-creation

The co-creation is written in ABR’s DNA. The workgroup puts in place the ideal and necessary conditions for the composition of a project team. The dialogue and exchange with the clients are essential to the achievement of the objectives that are entrusted to the workgroup : level of quality, profitability, budget, planning…

Eco construction

The sustainable construction is integrated in the conception process of ABR. This is evidenced by the certified passive buildings where the workgroup is the project author. The approach stems from an ecological logic, of lifestyle comfort and economic use of the buildings.

Covered areas

The clients of ABR are private and public investors searching for innovating architectural projects : promotors, commercial or industrial companies, local authorities, public and private institutions … The realizations of ABR cover different types of buildings : eco-districts with residential buildings, one-family housing, shops, public and industrial buildings, schools, nurseries, offices, metro stations, automotive dealerships, bus depot, parking, logistic halls, fire brigade,…

Optimization of the delay for obtaining the building permit

ABR creates quality projects meeting the client’s expectations but also the public authorities. Based on a good knowledge of the regulations and codes, ABR approaches its projects with a large and structured vision, generating the ideal conditions for a dialogue with the administrations, the neighborhood and the different actors of a project. The work of persuasion is based on the quality of the projects, a good communication and on the professionalism of the presentations (computer generated image, augmented reality film)…   The resulting climate of confidence puts into action the stakeholders who wish to support the project. This way the delays for obtaining the permit, key factor to the profitability for the investors, are better controlled.