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ABR Bureau

ABR is a Belgian workgroup for architecture and urban planning. Its size allows it to ensure major real estate project, but still stand close to their clients, listening and flexible. ABR is seated in Bousval in the Brabant wallon, not far from Louvain-La-Neuve, territory in relation with the UCL and very active on an economic level. ABR conceives and realizes in Wallonie and Bruxelles some innovating and durable real estate projects offering an excellent quality of life.

ABR integrates the trades of architects and urban planner. This allows to offer a strategic vision on what is possible to achieve on a territory, in a town, a commune, a neighborhood, an obsolete industrial land. The studies for remediation and reconversion of the industrial sites (p.ex. Henricot factories at Court-Saint-Etienne, Sugar refinery at Genappe) constitute a specialty of ABR. 

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ABR équipe

Team ABR

The ABR Team consists of 12 creative personalities. It is a multidisciplinary team. Among the managing associates, 3 are architects (…)

ABR valeur

Mission and values ABR

ABR is a workgroup for architecture and urban planning whose mission is to create added value for private and public investors (…)

ABR historique


Founded in 1988 by the architect Christian BERGER and the civil engineer in construction, Philippe ROGIER, ABR has specialized (…)