Les services proposés par ABR
ABR associates the competence of the architect with those of the urban planner. That way the workgroup develops projects from planification and territorial planning till the conception and architectural execution.

This feature allows ABR to enlarge its approach to a building to the whole of the elements composing the environment. This strategic vision gives the cities, local authorities and private owners a detailed vision of the opportunities that their territories are offering. The ABR approach gratifies the client with an additional value for their projects.

ABR proposes life scenarios for a site where the inhabitants have to be able to develop their professional, cultural, social… activities

Here you discover the various services ABR is proposing :

Services Architecture


ABR conceives buildings, organizes the layout of the spaces and volumes and ensures the construction respecting the expectations (…)

Services Urbanisme

Urban planning

Sustainable and resilient layout of the territory, smart city, reconversion of industrial sites, regulatory plans, development plans, (…)

Services Gestion de projet

Project management

Building projects with an obligation of results (high level of quality, performances, budget and deadline), site coordination (…)

Services Étude et conseils Immobilier

Real estate consultancy

Research for land parcels for investments, feasibility studies, drafts and preliminary projects, environmental impact studies (…)